No-follow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list – 2019| Az Tricks

No-follow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list – 2019| Az Tricks

  •  Hello friend, you are welcome to log in to your post and add a log of your Do Follow back-links to your blog website or post it to your blog post. If you want to add a log of Do-follow back-links to your comments, you need to log in to post.

Type of Back-links?

  1. No-follow Back-link
  2. Do-follow Back-link

{1} No-follow Back-link – When a website links to another website but that link has a no-follow tag, the link does not pass juice. No-follow links are not useful for page ranking because they do not contribute anything. Generally, a webmaster uses a no-follow tag when he links out to an unreliable site. Example: links to comments on other blogs.

Friends, the way I told you that link juice from Do follow Back links flows in your blog but no-follow back-link does not follow any link juice in your blog and no-follow back-links do not influence Search Engine Optimization ranking of your blog.

I mean to say that no-follow back-links do not make any difference in your blog’s Google ranking. So does that mean you should only create do-follow back-links and not no-follow back-links?

Guys supposed that do-follow back-links are best for Search Engine Optimization but you cannot completely ignore no-follow back-links and if you ignore no-follow back-links then your blog’s Search Engine Optimization will be bad.

No-follow links simply do not allow search engine bots to follow links. Only humans will be able to follow links. Suppose you are a blogger who has just created a blog. Now Google, how will Bing know that you have created a blog. For this, you will have to add your blog’s sitemap to Google Search Console. When you submit the sitemap, then google bots (you can also call it spider. Their job is to go to a website and scan all the data there), will crawl your blog and index your site. So that a reader can find you in the search engine.

Now it is up to you that you want the page to be indexed in the search engine by the cone and not by the cone. We can do this through index and no index. If you want to hide it from google bots then you can use No-follow or No-index tag. Similarly, you can prevent any other website from following it using the No-follow tag. This is what No-follow or No-follow Back-links means and means. Similarly you can get No-follow back-links, give back-links to another website or prevent other websites from getting back-links.

A No Follow link goes something like this –

<a href=””rel=”NoFollow”> Link Text </a>

Do-follow Back-link – The Do-follow Back-link has a permanent back-link. The Do-follow back-link is a reopening of your website to the minimum. Do-follow is a back-link and guest post, article submission, Web 2.O Directory, Do-follow comments.

How do Do-follow Back-links work?

 Do-follow Back-link That Back-link is the hottest web site you can visit on a blog site or add a Do-follow Back-link bank link to your blog’s website in order to import your log in to your blog website. Back-links for websites are banned.

Your post on  in the Do-follow Back-link, or you will be able to add a post to a post that you want to use without having to add a Do-follow Back-link to your blog website.

The  website that you use on the site is a powerful site or a site that you can use to comment on your site or to comment on your site or to approve your comment or visit your site. live bank-links pay by

Looking for the instant approval blog commenting sites list on the internet? No Worries!

What is Blog Commenting?

If we define blog commenting then it is a relationship between a blog, a blogger and a reader.

This is a great way to know the reader’s thoughts and suggestions of a blog about that post. If there is a mistake made by Blogger in the article, it can be corrected with the help of reader’s comments.

When a visitor comments on a blog, the blogger realizes how much people are liking their posts and giving suggestions. When people comment on a blog, the blog looks more attractive and it increases the traffic on the blog.

If a blog has a good amount of comment, that particular article is more attractive and Google will rank that blog higher in the search engine page. Blog Commenting is a great way to create Back-links for your blog.

So friends, I hope you guys understand that we can get your blog website done by commencing back-links.

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