Huawei Is Now Exploring About 6G

The 5G has always been a disturbance for Huawei. Nowadays, every well -established smartphone company is preparing its devices to get integrated with 5G. Huawei is one step ahead of them. The US government was very much worried about the security structure of Huawei. The government, therefore, was worried and started to avoid smart gadgets made in China. Hopefully, it will take a year or two to establish 5G fully, but, Huawei is exploring about 6G. One Step Ahead.
Research on 6G
The smartphone company, Huawei is doing research on 6G at the R&D center, Ottawa, Canada. According to news, this is a major step taken by the company. It will contribute to the company’s growth and reputation. However, the research says that 6G will roll out after 2030 into the real world.
Song Zhang, Huawei’s vice president of research strategy and partnership in Canada, says
“5G is already pretty new, and 6G is part of the so-called 5G evolution,” 
Huawei Restriction In US
Back in May, US President Donald Trump signed an order banning the company in the US. Due to security threats, Huawei was blacklisted. The US company said that the Chinese government could get help from Huawei blocks in the US, and can spy on them. In response, China denied every blame US government put on them.
But, after getting blocked in the US, the company also blocked American smart gadgets including Google’s Android System. In addition, last week, Huawei disclosed its own Operating System named HarmonyOS. It will be applicable to Huawei’s gadgets, Smart TVs, and care systems.  Further, it was also said that it will be used in cell phones if the US again blocks the company from using Android OS.
At the start of 2019, Samsung also researched about 6G in its base station at Seoul. Then, Huawei’s research on 6G is not a surprise. Huawei is trying to get the lead and stand itself amongst the Top Smartphone companies.

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