Dusting Your Computer – Keeping it Cool

My mom dependably guided me to tidy, yet I never did, generally in light of the fact that I was languid, yet additionally on the grounds that I couldn’t locate any unmistakable advantage to cleaning. I simply didn’t perceive how I’d profit by my room or my things being less dusty. Well currently I’ve gotten somewhat more seasoned, and I at long last found motivation to clean – a cooler running PC. I’m going to give some foundation all alone framework and conditions first, at that point pursue tests previously and tidying, just as clarify how and what I used to tidy. Make sure to investigate this article – with pictures and diagrams – in addition to a ton more, at aworldofhelp.com.

I’ve had the PC being referred to for barely two years, a double AMD Athlon MP workstation that while no longer the highest point of the line, is still bounty quick enough for what I do. The PC is running at standard paces and details, and has dependably been entirely steady – however not 100%. At the point when the framework was about a year old I had been getting by with the incidental, generally once week by week lock up. By then, I at last invested the energy to attempt and analyze the issue.

To be splendidly clear, I’m discussing a lock up, where everything quits reacting, the screen stops and I need to reboot, not just an application crash, which I can typically simply fault on Microsoft. My underlying idea was that the PC was overheating, explicitly the CPUs. I was somewhat reluctant however in light of the fact that I was running AMD retail processors at standard details with AMD retail heatsinks and fans, and I assumed that ought to have been a fine setup. Be that as it may, I’ve had CPUs overheat before when I was certain that was the issue and this just felt like it now. I did some examination on the web and it resembled the AMD cooling arrangements were to some degree disappointing entertainers, so I separated and purchased new heatsinks and fans. These still weren’t top notch, yet they decreased my CPU temperatures promptly by about 20%.

In informal testing I’d state my PC was totally increasingly stable after the decrease in temperature. I gauge the week after week lockup turned into a month to month or even every other month to month lockup. This plainly isn’t ideal for a framework that should be 99.99% stable, yet it was a major improvement, and I let the issue go for some time. I will take note of that the same number of you many expect, this PC is dependably on, twenty-four hours per day, seven days seven days.

In any case currently it’s one more year later and my PC is progressively precarious once more. I’m not going to go out and show signs of improvement heatsinks and fans once more, as I’m certain the improvement would be not exactly previously. My next however was about how dusty the entire framework is. I realize I ought to have cleaned it once over the most recent two years, yet I never got around to it. I’d state I live in a normal situation as far as dustiness, not particularly better or more terrible, and I just never figured it would have an exceptionally critical effect in my CPU temperature. As you’ll see, I was totally wrong – which unexpectedly may make my mom right.

Practically all clients should think about the aftereffects of the two tests, potentially giving more weight to the one which most intently coordinates your run of the mill registering. Regardless of whether you run transcendently business applications, you’ll very likely once in a while accomplish something that falls under this substance creation test, altering pictures or a periodic home motion picture, for instance. So think about every one of the tests, don’t simply concentrate on one chart.

Would it be a good idea for you to tidy your PC? Indeed, why not, it can’t hurt. However, there are substantial advantages of cleaning your PC, regardless of whether it appears to be steady at the present time.

PCs and gadgets all in all don’t care for warmth. Residue squares fans for your situation, which for the most part cool you CPU, video card and motherboard segments. Residue likewise squares fans and their wind current into and out of your case. Cool air should be brought into a case, and after that the host air dissipated. On the off chance that the aviation routes are blocked, framework temperature can rise rapidly. On the off chance that your PC is steady yet the CPU is running excessively hot, you cut down on its life expectancy, possibly rapidly.

Increasingly essential to numerous individuals however, might be the aftereffect of that first warmth related PC lock up. Regardless of whether it’s never been an issue, if your PC crashes at the wrong time it very well may be calamitous. Normally mine fair bolts up when I’m far from it, or medium-term, and I simply walk out on and restart Firefox and haven’t lost anything essential. However, a week ago it bolted up with unsaved charts for my last article and Excel picked no to auto spare. I went through the hour it took to re-try them considering approaches to take out these lock ups.

Obviously, diminishing warmth is likewise dependably a need for individuals who overclock their CPU. For those that don’t have a clue, overclocking is running a CPU at a higher recurrence than it was sold to keep running at. For instance, you could take your Intel Pentium 4 that is running at a “clock” rate of 2 GHz, and endeavor to run it at 2.1 GHz, 2.5 GHz, quicker speeds, or anyplace in the middle. I have an old double CPU framework that should keep running at 366 MHz. Rather I ran the chips at 500 MHz every, which was an enormous act gain. Overclocking is really an extraordinary method to get increasingly “free” execution out of a framework, as long as you can look after solidness. Normally the single greatest factor for progress is diminishing warmth however much as could be expected.

Something else to note is that while it is essential to downplay CPU heat, hard drives, video cards, and different parts all should be kept cool too. Actually, I don’t generally know without a doubt that my CPUs are the present issue. I think they are, however my next speculation (in case I’m right that it’s a warmth issue) would be my video card, since I’ve checked, and it runs extremely hot.

Think about this too, if my CPU were to really quit working since it was excessively hot, it would likely be a steady procedure, and I could fix the circumstance by obtaining a substitution. In the event that my hard drive crashes and eventually loses information, that could be a significantly more hazardous circumstance. I could supplant the drive, yet recuperating the information could be undeniably more troublesome than simply supplanting a CPU.

I opened up the framework and saw more residue than PC. Every one of the fans were shrouded in residue, and their wind current was completely blocked. I set the case back on and took temperature readings of my PC both inert and when working. The tests are altogether run are on the accompanying framework:

  • CPU – Dual AMD Athlon MP 2000+ (1.67 GHz) 
  • Motherboard – AMD K7-D 
  • Smash – 1024 MB RAM (2 x 512 MB enlisted DDR 2100) 
  • Video Card – Matrox Parhelia AGP 128 MB 
  • HD – Segate 5400 rpm-st320410a 
  • Windows XP SP2 

I picked that unexciting hard drive since it was the just a single I had that reports temperature.

For the inactive readings the PC was crisply booted into Windows. To get the PC running at full burden I ran two occurrences of Prime95, a math application that will maximize a CPU (2 duplicates running, one each for 2 CPUs), and replicated 2 GB of Music on the hard drive to another organizer on a similar drive. The whole procedure took about thirty minutes.

Without anything to contrast them with, those numbers generally aren’t frightfully fascinating. My solitary response was that 63 degrees Celsius appears to be truly hot, and the inert CPU temperatures aren’t too magnificent either. Keep in mind, every CPU type has an alternate suggested temperature extend. 63 degrees might be unreasonably hot for mine, however could be either satisfactory, or maybe unreasonably hot for your own. Notwithstanding, you ideally will see a relative decrease in temperature subsequent to tidying.

Cleaning the PC 

As I stated, I’ve never cleaned a PC, however I thought of what wound up being a sensible arrangement. I purchased packed air and a little brush from staples for $7 all out and utilized a cloth I have here. I tried to unplug my PC, grounded myself to release electricity produced via friction by contacting something metal other than my PC, opened up the case and was prepared to go.

For whatever length of time that you ensure your PC is unplugged, don’t get anything wet, and are delicate while you have it opened, you truly shouldn’t harm anything. Generally, within your PC is sensitive, however it isn’t fragile. The most remarkable exemption is your CPU. If you somehow managed to detach it and haul it out of the motherboard you would uncover sticks on the base that are in certainty amazingly sensitive.

You could complete an extremely careful employment by dismantling everything and getting all the residue out, yet I would not like to invest that much energy doing it and I assumed if I left everything associated their was less shot I’d mess something up. So I utilized the air, brush and cloth and got the residue off the PC, setting aside the most effort to clean the fans and the openings they victory of.

I ran similar tests once more, and the outcomes were emotional.

Inactive, CPU 1 saw a 18% decrease in temperature, while CPU 2 is 10% cooler. That is essential, as each one of those hours my PC is sitting doing almost no it will be extensively cooler.

At full burden, CPU 1 is 21% cooler and CPU 2 is 12% cooler. These are again extremely great outcomes, and vital also. I have had lock ups when video encoding and doing other CPU concentrated errands, and now the chips ought to run cooler while doing those.

It’s fascinating that initially CPU 1 was more smoking than CPU 2, and after the cleaning they exchanged. A critical certainty is that the temperature providing details regarding this kind of double AMD Athlon framework is commonly uneven. So, CPU 1 was simpler to tidy around in light of the fact that the DVD drives were impeding CPU 2, so I most likely completed a superior occupation cleaning the previous and there is still likely opportunity to get better in cooling the last mentioned.

One other note, I monitored the fan speeds when cleaning, and I saw about a 2% expansion in the CPU fan speeds after I tidied. I wasn’t anticipating this by any means, and absolutely can’t be sure that this will dependably come about because of tidying, yet it could be intriguing for overclockers attempting to eak out each and every piece of fan execution.

The hard drive temperature saw a 9% improvement while inert in the wake of tidying, and again a 9% improvement at full burden. It’s a decent temperature decrease for a mechanical segment that will pound away for a great many hours over the life of your PC.

The case temperature remained the equivalent all through every one of the tests.


All things considered I was amazed the outcomes were so emotional. I anticipated couple of degrees for the CPUs and possibly one for the hard drive, yet to see a 20% decrease in temperature is simply extraordinary. There is insubordinately opportunity to get better too. The CPU fans have covers that I could have taken off and gotten more residue out, and as I referenced achieving one of the CPUs was more diligently than the other. Further, I’d state I got a large portion of the residue inside my PC, well over 90%, however despite everything I saw some that demonstrated additionally testing to clean that I was eager to waste time with. Taking every one of the cards out and completely cleaning the entire framework would have no uncertainty prompted far and away superior outcomes.

My framework has kept up the cooler temperatures up until this point, seven days after the cleaning, and I haven’t had a lock up since. I can’t be sure I’ve tackled the lock up issue, however it appears I have until further notice. In any event, I can make sure CPU heat isn’t the issue, as now they are running at truly adequate temperatures. Your own outcomes will fluctuate, and may not be as sensational if your PC wasn’t as dusty as mine. In any case, you should see some decrease in part temperature in the wake of cleaning your framework.

With everything taken into account I prescribe you investigate and inside your PC to perceive what it looks like. On the off chance that it’s dusty, $7 and an hour of your time appears to be a decent speculation to expand the life of your PC and forestall framework lock ups. I presume numerous individuals endure the incidental warmth caused lock up, it simply isn’t clear what the issue is, and they don’t happen frequently enough to be a genuine concern. Yet, recollect, regardless of whether you just have one warmth caused lock up in the whole existence of your PC, it could come best case scenario time, or cause changeless harm.

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